New Projects

2016 seems to be a year of finishing for me. I started the American Patchwork & Quilting’s 2016 UFO Challenge (and I’ll share photos of my completed projects soon).  I’ve also decided to tackle one room in my house each month to “finish” it. We have a lovely house, but I’ve always felt that it […]

Photo Friday – Black and White

I love black and white photography. It might be nostalgia because many years ago when I first learned photography, I shot in black and white, developed my own film, and printed my own pictures. I loved being in a dark room and working with film and prints. I wish this challenge had come in a […]

#TBT – Journal Quilt Week 40

Mmmm. In Week 40 of my journal quilt project in 2012, we toured the Taza Chocolate Factory in Somerville, MA.  This quilt represents the different flavors of their chocolate wedges: chipotle, cinnamon, coffee, ginger, orange, vanilla, etc.

Photo Friday – Forks

Yes, you read that right. The theme for this week was “Forks.” I was not amused.  But, then I realized that I could do something cool and have a great picture to hang on the blank space on the wall in my kitchen.  The lesson this week also involved some basic Photoshop edits so I […]

Photo Friday – One Shape

This week’s task was to photograph one shape.  I fudged the assignment a bit because it should have been literally one shape, not a repetition of the same kind of shape, but one heart wouldn’t have done very much for me.

#TBT – Journal Quilt Week 38

Happy Valentine’s Day 2012! I got to try out some of the fancy stitches on the sewing machine. I also used Heat ‘N’ Bond to fuse fabric onto the backs of the hearts to make them more 3D.  They are only sewn down the center so the sides are free to curl up a bit.