boy in blue fitted cap playing bubbles and leaning on grey concrete wall at daytime

Imagine – Remembering Your Childhood Creativity

Exercise #1 in Stage Three – Play

How did you play as a kid? Most likely if you are reading this book you engaged in some form of creative play as a child. Your play profile is probably that of the “Artist” and you found joy in making things. Think back to those halcyon days before the responsibilities of adulthood, before you somehow got the message that you aren’t creative, when play was all that you had to do. Think about the ways you experienced your creativity as a kid and young adult. What did you do to express it?  Write down anything you enjoyed as a kid. Painting? Making pinch pots? Wood shop? Singing? Write down anything you enjoyed regardless of how you now feel about the results. Take some time to suss this out because your particular form of creativity almost certainly showed itself in your youth.

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