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Explore – Do a Little Research

What was on the top of your list of things to learn? Is there a class you can take online or off? There’s certainly a YouTube video you can find, but maybe being given a project, supply list, and instruction is the low-stress option you really need. Do a little searching and find something that […]

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Imagine – Something to Try

Think about what you may want to learn. Is there a technique that you’ve wanted to try or a project that’s been on your wish list? If you’re a list maker, create that bucket list. Not a list maker? Think about the one thing that’s really calling to you.

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Keep Learning

Last month, we considered the ways in which tackling creative challenges builds confidence over time, confidence that then spills over into other areas of your life. But seriously, sometimes even the work involved in figuring out new creative challenges, new things to try, or new projects to start, is exhausting to contemplate. When you start […]

Create with Confidence

Exercise your creativity today. Choose your favorite way to create. It could be the thing you loved to do as a kid. Maybe it’s creating a beautiful meal. Whatever it is, build your confidence by creating something today. Keep practicing and create something tomorrow too. Your confidence will just keep growing.

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Explore Your Confidence

What would you do with greater confidence? Close your eyes. Imagine yourself six months in the future. You’ve explored your creativity, learned to play more, and gained confidence as a result. What will your  new confidence do for you? Do you imagine yourself pitching that innovative idea? Are you in a leadership role? Did you […]

What’s the Impact of Your Creativity?

Last week, I posted about the link between creativity and confidence and how exploring a means of self-expression can increase your comfort with expressing yourself in other ways. Is this something you have observed? What’s the impact of your creative work? Do you feel confident? Relaxed? What are the benefits you gain from creating? Take […]

Creativity and Confidence

Last month, we wrapped up with the final stage of the Creativity Journey. But, you may be wondering, who cares about a creativity journey? Why is it worth pursuing? Excellent question! Creativity is good for its own sake, of course. There are numerous physical and mental health benefits to taking time to create, to make […]

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Act – Redecorate

Exercise #4 in Stage 10 of the Creativity Journey – Keeping Your Light Alive What did your soul tell you she wanted during your journey? Create the space for it now. Find a spot in your home where you will do the thing that feeds your soul and ready the space. Paint a new color […]

Make Your Work

Exercise #3 in Stage Ten of the Creativity Journey – Keeping Your Light Alive You now know what you need to create. Even if the idea isn’t front and center, pounding on the door inside your mind to be let out, there’s something germinating in you. Be still and draw it out. Begin the first […]