Feeding Your Creativity with a Creative Practice

One of the most exciting stages of the creative journey is when you find your light, when you discover the creative expression that is uniquely yours. However, once you find that light, you need to keep feeding it with a regular creative practice.  The fear you may face at this stage is the worry that […]

Principles of Creative Play

Act – Define Your Principles

Exercise #4 in Stage Eight of the Creativity Journey – Feel the Light Your journey is nearing an end and in the next stage you will begin to establish your creative practice. For now however, spend some time thinking about what really matters to you about your creativity and your creative practice. What are your […]

woman looking at the map

Create – Update Your Map

Exercise #3 in Stage Eight of the Creativity Journey – Feel the Light When you first drew your map you may not have been able to foresee all of the obstacles that would be on your path or the open road on the other side of your challenges. Get out your map and update it […]

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Explore – Courage

Exercise #2 of Stage Eight of the Creativity Journey – Feel the Light Whether or not you realize it, you have built immense courage along this journey. Or, I should say that you discovered immense courage because it was with you all along. It took courage to begin this journey, to believe in yourself and […]

Imagine – You are a S(hero)

Exercise #1 for Stage Eight of the Creativity Journey – Feel the Light Close your eyes and sit comfortably. Imagine yourself at the end of your jungle, desert, rocky cliff face, etc. Can you hear the snap of your superhero cape? What does your unique brand of superhero look like? What is your superpower? What […]

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Feeling the Light of Creativity

Stage Eight of the Creativity Journey Do you feel your inner light growing stronger too?  Are you starting to feel superhero-like strength? Eventually after trying different paths and learning more about who you are and what matters to you, you will hit your stride. As you do your creative work you will hear a voice […]

Act – Gratitude List

Exercise #4 in Stage 7 of the Creativity Journey – Trust Your Voice After you have finished cursing your obstacles (and curse them you should!) and looking at them in a new way to discover what those darn things have been sent to teach you, shift your focus to the light. What are you grateful […]

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Create Daily Joy

Exercise #3 in Stage Seven of the Creativity Journey – Trust Your Voice When I walked back into the jungle on this stage of my journey, I saw the journey itself differently. Instead of spending all of my energy focused on the obstacle on my path, I accepted that my Money Mountain might always be […]

Explore – A New Light

Exercise #2 in Stage Seven of the Creativity Journey – Trust Your Voice What is your “Money Mountain”? What is the major obstacle that you face in your journey? Take the time to rail about it to the heavens. Curse it. Scream about it (on paper if you’re worried that someone might come running because […]

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Act – Daily Quiet

Exercise #4 in Stage Six of the Creativity Journey – Rest and Listen In this second half of your creativity journey, it’s time to begin developing your creative practice. First step? Add some daily quiet. This is your practice so think about what form you want your quiet to take. Perhaps you are meant to […]