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What I’m Listening To

I’ve been doing a lot of hand sewing lately. I decided to do a quilt-as-you-go technique on the Victims Quilt so that I didn’t have to put a king-size quilt under the machine and I’ve been hand sewing the seams closed on the back. It’s time-consuming work (each of the long seams is taking over 2 hours) and I know that glue would be more efficient because I am machine sewing later, but this is the route I chose.  The great upside of all of this hand sewing time is that I am blowing through a lot of interesting podcasts.  Here’s what I am listening to:

Pat Sloan’s American Patchwork & Quilting Podcast  – She’s having a very special guest next Monday!

Tara Gentile’s Profit. Power. Pursuit Podcast – Covers the details of running a small business, particularly a creative business.

Melissa Dinwiddie’s  Live Creative Now! Podcast – About creativity and living a creative life. I find myself nodding in agreement with all that she’s saying.

So, if you’re finding yourself with some time on your hands and are looking for a few good podcasts, I recommend the above. If you’ve got others that you love, please share!

Authentic Self – An Update

Fifteen months ago on my 40th birthday, I wrote that my gift to myself was going to be to finally live my authentic life.  Though I wasn’t bold enough to call it that then, that day was really an announcement of the journey that I was going to take to figure out what my authentic life really was. Today, I am trying to think of a way to celebrate because I think that I am here. I certainly don’t think the journey is over, but I realized that the road seems to be a lot flatter and the journey a little easier and that I am truly happy. (How did that happen?!)

Probably six months ago, maybe more, I reached a point where I was really stuck. As I envisioned it, I came walking out of the deep woods, carrying a heavy pack, sweaty and dirty and tired. I walked out into a clearing and. . . looked straight up at this enormous mountain rising out of the trees, its summit obscured by mists.  In that moment, I dropped the pack and sat in the dirt, starting at that God damned mountain, feeling utterly defeated because I’d already been walking for a long time and was ready for my journey to end, only to be confronted with an insurmountable obstacle. I kicked at the dirt, cursed a string of words that would have shocked my grandmother, and growled in anger at the unfairness of it all.  I sat there, staring at that %&^%*% mountain for days or weeks, knowing what it was and trying to figure out a way around it or over it, but I could not find a solution. Finally one day, I said, “To Hell with you!” I shouldered my pack and went back the way I came, into the deep woods.

I haven’t been thinking about my mountain all of these last months, but I realized today that I must have been walking around it. Today, I envisioned again walking out of the woods, brushing aside a few last branches and walking out into the sunlight, looking ahead at a clear road with nothing on either side.  I turned back to look behind me and I saw that mountain, no longer shrouded in mist, and BEHIND ME. In this moment, I’m still staring at it in disbelief because I’m astounded that it’s behind me. I never climbed it. I never saw it in all of these months of walking, but there it is, behind me. I don’t really know how it happened either, but sometime during all of those months of walking around that mountain, I became happy. I’ve been happy for a while and actually telling people, “Yes, this is what happy looks like on me. You’ve not seen it in a long time.” But, somehow it still didn’t dawn on me until today. As I stared at that mountain behind me, I thought, “Wait a minute! I’m happy. I’m actually happy!” That’s why I feel like celebrating. It sneaked up on me, but I’m living my authentic life and I’m looking forward to the road ahead. (Oh, and that heavy pack?  I’m leaving that %^& thing at the mountain.)

Photo Friday – Sant’ Antioco

Sant' Antico island off coast of Sardinia

Sant’ Antico island off coast of Sardinia

I didn’t get my photo challenge homework done this week either (silhouette). So instead, I am sharing a photo of some sun from the island of Sant’ Antioco off the coast of Sardinia.  When I started planning my “Running with Scissors” quilt months ago, this image is what I had in mind when I started.  My challenge then was to use the color “Shocking Pink” and I first thought of colorful island houses like these.

Design Wall Tuesday – #BirdZeed and #APQResolution

I’m killing two birds (so to speak) with one stone this week.  A friend of mine has recently started a new creative community called BirdZeed. Each month, she posts a word to spur our creative juices and we share what we create.  July’s word is “Circle.” When she posted the word, this UFO was hanging on my design wall and honestly, I had decided to trash it.  I thought that I had learned what I needed to learn from it and it didn’t need to be finished.

Bleeding Hearts_june

But, I turned to it and thought, “Hmm. Circles. I’m going to trash it anyway so let me cut it into circles first and see what happens. If I hate it, it can still go in the trash.”  So I started cutting.  I tossed down some circles on some black fabric, sewed them down, did a little machine and hand quilting and voila!  A finished project that I absolutely love that also saved a UFO from the trash.


Angel Wings

I heard recently that the brother of someone in my art group passed away suddenly. An image formed in my mind immediately upon reading about it of angel wings on a purple background. Other images have popped in my head over the years and just as quickly popped back out again, but not this one. This image lodged there firmly in my mind and kept calling to me. When I finally got a chance to work on it, everything came easily.  I used textile paints to create the background and it was exactly right on the first attempt, nothing too dark, no spilled paint, etc.  A few days later, I sat down to create the angel wings and had the same experience.  I cut white silk to create feathers and sewed them down to a heavyweight stabilizer using Superior Threads’ Glitter  thread  and I didn’t even have any thread break.  A few days after that, I sat down to quilt a message on the piece, “In my thoughts and in my prayers.”  No thread broke during the quilting either and I didn’t mess up any of the letters.  When was the last time this happened to you?  When was the last time you had something in mind and were able to create it perfectly without so much as a broken needle?  Yeah, I can’t remember either, which is why I think that these angel wings didn’t really come from me, but were a gift to a dear woman from someone beyond me.  I was merely the construction crew.

Mu's Angel_2016 05 13

Grandpa’s Waves

Waves 2015 11 03

This is the top that I finished yesterday.  A little over a week ago, on the day that would have been my grandparents 70th wedding anniversary (though I didn’t realize it at the time because I rarely know what day it is), I started thinking about my grandfather and was inspired to make a quilt for him.  So, I began the way I usually do with a quilt design and started capturing the words that came to mind as I thought about Grandpa. Since he was in the Navy in WWII, that was the first thing that I thought about, which ultimately led to a blue quilt in a pattern that reminds me of waves.

The block I used is unbelievably simple, but I love it. I’ve already planned a quilt for myself in which I’ll turn the blocks to run vertically and will add plain strips on either side.  The block is a dark blue quarter square triangle from a 9 1/2″ square, sewn to a cream quarter square triangle of the same size. They are then sewn to a half square triangle of the lighter blue (9″ square) and then the block is cut down to 8 1/2″ unfinished. Alternating blocks are rotated to get the wave design. Refreshingly simple.

Tentmakers of Cairo

A few years ago, AQS had an exhibit of the work of tentmakers in Cairo and they offered some of the work for sale.  I treated myself to one and have had it in my closet for years waiting for me to get my act together and hang it. Well, I finally hung it in my studio.  It is such amazing work that it just catches my breath every time I see it.