Creative Play Newsletter – Make a New Plan

This month in the Facebook group I have started talking about what happens when life interrupts your plans. I was delayed in posting as I regularly do because COVID finally hit our house in late April. Thankfully, it was uneventful for us, but the things on the To Do list did not get done and […]


Creative Play Newsletter – Light it Up

I missed my newsletter deadline because something’s been percolating in my brain and I wanted to let it finish brewing. I wrote last month about how creating helps fill the holes in our souls, but it goes deeper than that. This post is about to veer into woo-woo or feminist screed territory so if that […]

thread painted photo of yellow flowers in Caribbean

#StoryBehindtheArt – “Hanging”

I suppose that the title of this piece should really be “Hangin’” with a casual dropping of the G. It does refer to the way the flowers seem to be just hanging from the plant, but it is sort of a double entendre because I took the photo while we were “hanging” by the pool. […]

Creative Play Newsletter – Creating a Vision

In last month’s newsletter, I wrote about hearing in a podcast, “when you start thinking about it, it’s time,” meaning that when an idea comes into your mind and keeps pestering you, it’s time to get started on it. But, what if you don’t know exactly what “it” is? What if you just sort of […]

cyanotype print of two maple leaves

Creative Burnout Update

In my last newsletter post, I wrote about the need to process the pandemic and for me, to address the impact that it had on my creativity. I was feeling guilty about even considering the impact of the pandemic on my life because I am someone with immense privilege for whom the pandemic was not […]

Arlington Open Studios TODAY

Arlington Open Studios is STREAMING LIVE today! Catch me in my studio at 1:00 PM ET. Use the links below to join: Facebook YouTube For more information about Open Studios and links to the online gallery and marketplace, see the Arlington Center for the Arts.

2018 Year in Review

Eleven finished quilts this year! It’s hard for me to believe that 20 years ago when I started quilting, it took two years for me to finish one quilt. Of course, that was before I had a sewing machine so adopting modern technology certainly helped. These quilts include several made as part of my Victims […]

Challenging Work

Today, I begin the task of gathering the name of each victim of the Las Vegas shooting to  create a new set of blocks for my Victims Quilt. As I type each one, I am looking at their photos and reading about who they were. I am reading about husbands who died shielding their wives and […]

Creative Play Date Week – Day 2

You read about the day I had on Monday so it won’t surprise you that Tuesday morning I was a little tired sitting down for Creative Play. I didn’t create any masterpieces on Tuesday either, but that’s not really the point. One of my experiments for this week is to see if 15 minutes of […]