Why Creative Play™

Creative Play kid's rainbow


Creative Play™ saved my life. That may sound extreme, but I believe it to be true. Play didn’t come naturally to me. I have been a serious, focused, and joyless stick-in-the-mud at least since the 5th grade. In many ways that has served me well and I have a list of academic and career achievements because of it. But, happiness was elusive. As I neared my 40th birthday, my situation was at its worst. I was working 50 – 60 hour weeks in a job that was making me absolutely miserable while still just keeping my head above water at home. There was no time for myself or my creativity and I was so far gone that I couldn’t even figure out what the problem was until I reached my breaking point and quit my job. Slowly, I started experimenting with creative play and it was in that play, in exercising my creativity, that I finally found the joy that I had been missing for so many years. Now, just a couple of years later, I am a working artist and I’ve never been happier.


Creative Play™ isn’t just for people who hope to be full-time artists. It’s for anyone who wants:

  • An easy way to be more creative in 15 minutes a day
  • To reconnect with their creative soul
  • To get out of a rut and shake things up a bit
  • To reduce stress and find more joy

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