For more information about any of my lectures or to schedule me to speak, please email me: julie@julieneu.com. Lectures can be customized as needed.

Lecture Fee: $350 for 1 hour in-person lecture; $300 for 1 hour Zoom lecture

Finding My Voice: My Quilting Journey (In-Person Trunk Show)

In this trunk show, you’ll hear about my 20-year quilting journey from paper templates cut with scissors to creating original designs and working as a quilt artist. Learn about what it took to find my voice and see the quilts that have come from my soul.

“Julie is an entertaining and inspiring speaker who has made many compelling quilts.” — Karen, Framingham, MA

“Julie’s story about quilting was a unique one, her journey is worth sharing and the audience can relate. Good speaker, very inspirational.” — Karen, Wakefield, MA

“Her artistry tells a historical picture … she makes you think” — Meri-Ellen, Pittsfield, MA

Principles of Creative Play

Let’s Play! – A 1-Hour Creative Play™ Workshop (In-Person or Zoom)

This program is part lecture, part workshop. I discuss my own creativity journey and what I learned about creativity and about myself in the process. I introduce Creative Play™ and guide the audience through a play exercise. We then work through a design process together to give participants a tool they can use to design their own quilts. I wrap-up by offering strategies for beginning a creative play practice at home.

Quilts in U.S. History (In-Person or Zoom)

Quilts often reflect the lives of their makers. Wedding quilts and baby quilts track the events in our lives. We use quilts to express our grief and loss, to help us cope with cancer or acts of violence, or to demonstrate political feelings. However, quilts don’t just track personal events, they also mirror the course of history in the United States. In this lecture, I discuss the history of quilting in this country and how it reflects the history of the U.S. itself from the colonial period until today.

“Julie presented a very informative lecture within the time frame allowed. She answered the questions in a very detailed way and I walked away with a much deeper appreciation of the importance that quilts have had in our society and culture.” —  Renate, Boston, MA