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Lecture Fee: $350 for 1 hour in-person or Zoom lecture

Authentic Self, 2015

Finding My Voice: My Quilting Journey (Trunk Show)
In this trunk show, you’ll hear about my 25-year quilting journey from paper templates cut with scissors to creating original designs and working as a quilt artist. Learn about what it took to find my voice and see the quilts that have come from my soul.

“Julie is an entertaining and inspiring speaker who has made many compelling quilts.” — Karen, Framingham, MA

“Julie’s story about quilting was a unique one, her journey is worth sharing and the audience can relate. Good speaker, very inspirational.” — Karen, Wakefield, MA

“Her artistry tells a historical picture … she makes you think” — Meri-Ellen, Pittsfield, MA

NEW! Your Creativity Journey: 10 Stages of Creative Exploration

When I began my own creativity journey, I went into it blindly and without a map. Now that I am looking back, I have charted the course for future explorers. In this lecture, I discuss the ten stages of the creativity journey from the first stirrings through learning to hear and then trust one’s inner voice to finding joy in creativity and authenticity. We discuss what happens in each stage, the challenges one may face along the journey, and ways to overcome them. Participants will understand where they are in their own journeys and how to move forward toward creative confidence and authentic art.