Authentic Self – An Update

Fifteen months ago on my 40th birthday, I wrote that my gift to myself was going to be to finally live my authentic life.  Though I wasn’t bold enough to call it that then, that day was really an announcement of the journey that I was going to take to figure out what my authentic […]

#TBT – Launching My New Life

A year ago today I posted here about “Launching My New Life” and finally pursuing quilting as a profession.  I thought I would use this Throwback Thursday post to give an update on that.  I am happy to report that I am still on this path.  I didn’t quit yet to get a “real job,” […]

Happy Birthday to Me!

Two weeks ago, I celebrated a milestone birthday. My gift to myself was to finally pursue my passion and make quilting my career (albeit one supported with some digital strategy and data governance consulting work).  My darling husband’s gift to me was the following gift certificate: A gift for Julie/ Mommy! Doug and C. would […]

Launching My New Life

Today is my 40th birthday. I am celebrating at the spa with my mother and sister and at the lake with the rest of my immediate family and a bottle of champagne. But, my gift to myself is that I am finally going to follow my bliss, pursue my calling, whatever you want to call […]