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Photo Friday – Do Over

This week’s Photo Challenge was to do over a previous challenge. The hardest part was deciding which one to redo; ┬áthere were so many that I wanted to fix! ┬áBut, as I was making a cup of tea and thinking about the photo that I wanted to do, I looked out onto my deck at the snow and decided it would make a great black and white shot.


Photo Friday – Black and White

I love black and white photography. It might be nostalgia because many years ago when I first learned photography, I shot in black and white, developed my own film, and printed my own pictures. I loved being in a dark room and working with film and prints. I wish this challenge had come in a different week, however, because we were on vacation this week and I didn’t have any time to myself to really think about the shot I wanted. Instead, I took the photo that I thought would best translate in black and white and transferred it from the color. Here it is:

Sunset in Virgin Gorda, BVI.

Sunset in Virgin Gorda, BVI.