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Creative Play Date

Happy Valentine’s Day!  It’s also Creative Play Date Day. I’m not feeling very creative today because I am still getting over the plague that my daughter brought home from school so I decided I would just play today. For me that means working on personal quilts rather than professional ones, like this one:

This is a nearly 10 year old UFO. I made the tops in 2007 (I think) as a Halloween costume for my husband and me. (With berets and drapes, we were “French Doors.” It required explaining.)  I always planned to turn them into quilts and I am finally getting around to it. C’est la vie!

Hello World!

Remember last week in my Creative Play Newsletter when I talked about how the Universe doesn’t always work from the same project plan? Boy, is the Universe having a good laugh at my expense this week!  My husband is away this week for work so I had an ambitious To Do List full of energetic things like heavy duty cleaning and  closet organizing but I have had to revise my plans. Just as my husband was packing his suitcase, I came down with a cold (his cold, thank you very much!). I was so walloped by it that the only times I moved from the bed yesterday were to take my daughter to school and pick her up and to make myself some tea and toast. Otherwise, I was completely horizontal.  I’m happy to report that I am sitting upright today!  That closet organizing may have to wait and the heavy duty cleaning absolutely will. Sometimes the Universe just laughs in the face of the plans we humans make and there’s nothing to do but roll with it.

Speaking of plans…I’ve scheduled another Creative Play Date for tomorrow. Now, when I scheduled it, I didn’t realize that it coincided with the Inauguration, but it occurs to me that playing in my studio is really a perfect way to spend the day. So, I hope that you can join me for a little play time at some point tomorrow. I’ll check in and let you know what I am working on.

It’s Creative Play Date Day!

Welcome to the first Creative Play Date!  I’m very excited to have you join me!

So, how is this supposed to work?  Well, first of all, there are no real rules. Just do something that you consider Creative Play for as much time as you can allot. Paint something, draw something, start a new project even as the old ones are still sitting on the table waiting to be finished (This is what I plan to do.), go to a museum, go window shopping, decorate a gingerbread house, do whatever feels creative to you. Then, come to my Facebook page and share however much you want. Tell us what you’re doing, share a photo, talk about what the experience was like for you. Talk about what you’re thinking about doing next.  But most importantly, enjoy yourself!