Two Rows of Names

I’ve been working steadily this week on my “Victims” quilt (which may explain why I am in such a mood of melancholy).  I now have two rows completed to share. When it’s done, the quilt will be about as long as it is wide now.  

Design Wall Tuesday in Provence

Here’s what’s on my design wall today: Is it a little busy? Yes. Do I care? No. Why not?  It’s for a back.  It’s for the back of a quilt that I am making for myself. It’s going to be the back of The Quilt Show 2016 BOM that I did.)  The fabrics are precious […]

Design Wall Monday – Literally!

Today’s project: install a design wall. Check! That’s 3.75 sheets of 1″ x 24″ X 96″ rigid foam insulation, screwed to the wall with drywall screws, anchored with large washers. I removed 8 inches from each board to get the right height, which was remarkably easy to do for a quilter. Since each sheet was […]