Explore – A New Light

Exercise #2 in Stage Seven of the Creativity Journey – Trust Your Voice What is your “Money Mountain”? What is the major obstacle that you face in your journey? Take the time to rail about it to the heavens. Curse it. Scream about it (on paper if you’re worried that someone might come running because […]

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Explore – Do Nothing

Exercise #2 of Stage 6 in the Creativity Journey – Rest and Listen In the previous exercise, you got a taste of stillness, of being quiet and opening your mind to hear the voice of the Muse. Now it’s time to do it in earnest, but you can do this exercise on a different day […]

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Explore – What are you carrying?

Exercise #2, Stage Five of the Creativity Journey – Walk Forward Take the list of what’s in your pack that you created during the previous exercise and look back over it. Is there an item or are there several items that pull at you in a particular way? Perhaps there are some beloved items in […]

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Explore – What Do You Love?

Exercise #2 in Stage Three – Play For this exercise, start a list of the media that may interest you on your creativity journey.  First, go back to the notes you took on your childhood creativity in the last exercise. What media did you love most as a kid? Did you go through buckets of […]

Explore – Who Are You?

Exercise #2 in Stage Two – Venture Forth You will learn a lot about yourself during this journey of a lifetime. You will discover strengths that you didn’t know you had and you will uncover your authentic self. But you start this journey with more than you realize too. Take time now to explore who […]