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Painting Project

Last year, among many other things, I decided that I would take on the project of “finishing” the rooms in the house we moved into two years ago. The plan was to tackle the list of “need a piece of art here, need to reupholster a chair here, this room needs painting, etc.) and knocking them out one room at a time until each was done.  How’d that go?  Well, I fell off that wagon at some point during the year. But, I hopped back on this week and tackled the basement. It was just painted white before and though we had some things on the wall, I still had other stuff to hang.  Now, it’s painted a cinematic charcoal gray (“Stormy Skies” to be exact) and is worthy of being called a “Media Room.”

Media room with charcoal gray walls, movie posters

New Projects

2016 seems to be a year of finishing for me. I started the American Patchwork & Quilting’s 2016 UFO Challenge (and I’ll share photos of my completed projects soon).  I’ve also decided to tackle one room in my house each month to “finish” it. We have a lovely house, but I’ve always felt that it was missing that little something, those touches that really make rooms beautiful.  I’m not expecting to get any phone calls from Veranda, but I at least wanted to get the pictures hung on the wall. So, I’m tackling one room each month.  The January project was the dining room. Here’s the Before picture, from a few days after we moved in last year:



And, the After picture. I obviously got those pictures hung and I used Christmas money from my parents for some new dishes and a table cloth.

Dining Room 2016


The kitchen’s next!