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Photo Friday – Woman Made

This week’s assignment in my sketching and watercolor class was to draw a machine-made object. I spent some time noodling over what object had meaning to me that I wanted to draw when I looked down on my work table and the answer became obvious:

watercolor painting of purple rotary cutter

Because this month’s BirdZeed challenge word was “pink,” I chose a pink color for the “fabric” in the background.

2016 Projects – #APQResolution – May

I finished another UFO for the American Patchwork and Quilting 2016 UFO Challenge.  It really surprises me what projects I have in my drawer.  Most of them are not quilts to finish. Those I seem to get done.

This month’s project was to dye a white tee shirt that had gotten stained. (I think from sitting in a wooden drawer too long.) While I was at it, I dyed something else that was white and also looking a little dingy.  So, I re-watched Sue Bleiweiss on The Quilt Show as she explained her dyeing process and mixed up some purple dye in zip-top bags and threw my shirt in. And then, because I had a 4 year old sitting in the other room talking to me the whole time and I forgot to put in the soda ash, I mixed up another batch of dye and did it all over again the following week so I got lots of practice.  You can still tell where the shirt was stained, but it looks a little better as light purple on dark rather than brown on white, don’t you think?  And, after, oh probably 6 years unused in the drawer, I have a new shirt to wear!

purple overdyed Life is Good shirt

Authentic Self

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on my “Authentic Self” quilt. In addition to photos of me from points in my life from infancy to my 40th birthday, I have included photos of travel, hobbies, etc. and other things that represent who I am.  I am also making use of my extensive purple batik collection for the quilt.

For the photos of my hobbies and travel, I am thread painting a portion of the photo, which I printed in black and white, using shades of purple.  A few more shades of purple thread would be nice and I could also use a better stabilizer, but I am generally pleased with the results:

Gondola Thread PaintingThe one thing that I am not too happy about with the quilt is how off my seam allowances are. I don’t have a 1/4 inch piecing foot yet for my new machine and I am not great at eyeballing it. However, I am trying to remind myself that my authentic self probably doesn’t need to be so much of a perfectionist.