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New – May’s BirdZeed Challenge

This month’s BirdZeed challenge word is “new.”  I did not sit down with a blank sheet of paper and brainstorm what the word means to me as I sometimes do to get started. Instead, I was talking with a friend about taking a step and doing something new and I imagined standing on a brink, looking down into a swirling blue abyss. I imagined jumping and when I got back to the surface and was again looking down at the blue, it was shimmering. I quilted the blue circle and some of the black background with a shimmery blue thread (Superior Threads Magnifico) to suggest that shimmering excitement of having jumped.

Julie Neu_blue circle on black background art quilt

New, 2017

Angel Wings

I heard recently that the brother of someone in my art group passed away suddenly. An image formed in my mind immediately upon reading about it of angel wings on a purple background. Other images have popped in my head over the years and just as quickly popped back out again, but not this one. This image lodged there firmly in my mind and kept calling to me. When I finally got a chance to work on it, everything came easily.  I used textile paints to create the background and it was exactly right on the first attempt, nothing too dark, no spilled paint, etc.  A few days later, I sat down to create the angel wings and had the same experience.  I cut white silk to create feathers and sewed them down to a heavyweight stabilizer using Superior Threads’ Glitter  thread  and I didn’t even have any thread break.  A few days after that, I sat down to quilt a message on the piece, “In my thoughts and in my prayers.”  No thread broke during the quilting either and I didn’t mess up any of the letters.  When was the last time this happened to you?  When was the last time you had something in mind and were able to create it perfectly without so much as a broken needle?  Yeah, I can’t remember either, which is why I think that these angel wings didn’t really come from me, but were a gift to a dear woman from someone beyond me.  I was merely the construction crew.

Mu's Angel_2016 05 13

#TBT – Journal Quilt Week 46

Easter fell a little later in the calendar in 2012 than it did this year.

JQ 46

The basket was woven with strips of brown batik fabric; the grass is Superior Threads Glitter thread; and the eggs allowed me to pull out all of my variegated threads and give the fancy stitches on my Bernina a try. This one was one of my favorites and it might be made into a bigger version to be an Easter wall hanging some day (maybe).

New Projects – #APQResolution

I mentioned that I had started the American Patchwork & Quilting 2016 UFO Challenge. To do the challenge, you catalog your UFO projects, assign numbers 1 – 12 to each one, and when APQ draws the number each month, you complete the UFO.  I’m behind already on February’s project, but I did finish January’s in time.  This one started out as one of four Halloween placemats, but has been resurrected into one (finished) Halloween wall hanging.  The stitching is all done with Superior Threads NiteLite glow-in-the-dark thread.

Halloween Hanging

Trick or Treat!

There’s some amazing stuff in  my stash – like Halloween fabric.  I can’t explain why I have Halloween fabric in my stash, but this weekend it came in handy.  I made a Trick or Treat bag for my daughter, completely from stash supplies.  She picked the fabrics and I chose the quilting design using Superior Threads Nitelite glow-in-the-dark thread. I totally love that stuff and wish that I could come up with more things that needed to glow in the dark.

Trick or Treat Bag 2015

The pattern for the bag comes courtesy of TheCottageMama.com and gets two thumbs up – good directions, good photos and easy to do.