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Design Wall Tuesday in Provence

Here’s what’s on my design wall today:

Is it a little busy? Yes. Do I care? No. Why not?

  1.  It’s for a back.
  2.  It’s for the back of a quilt that I am making for myself. It’s going to be the back of The Quilt Show 2016 BOM that I did.)
  3.  The fabrics are precious ones, purchased in Provence on a bike trip for the Tour de France in 2004.

You know the story – I’d been holding onto these fabrics for years, loving them, but afraid to cut them. I finally found the perfect place for them in big blocks on a quilt for me where I will get to enjoy them every day.  And, I’ve even come up a with a great new project for the scraps.

Photo Friday – Silhouette

I am having a bad string of not getting my homework done for the Photo Challenge class so again, I am heading back into the archives to find something to share this week.  (And, many thanks to Shutterfly for organizing my photos so nicely to make this task easier.)

The challenge from a few weeks ago was to take a silhouette.  I didn’t get that one done in time, but here’s a favorite silhouette from a bike trip for the Tour de France in 2004.

France, 2004

France, 2004

Throwback Thursday – Journal Quilt Week 8

Week 8 of the Journal Quilt Project fell in mid-July of 2011, in the middle of the Tour de France.  My DH is a serious cyclist with several road bikes (which really has its advantages when it comes to buying new sewing machines.  When I tell him how much a new Bernina will cost his response is, “Is that all??!!”)  We’ve been avidly watching the Tour (and the Spring Classics and some of the Vuelta and Giro) for years and even went to France for the Tour in 2004. (On a cycling trip called “The Mountains of the Tour.”  I learned that descending a mountain on a road bike scares the c-r-a-p out of me.)

Anyway, after many days of watching 4 hours of Tour coverage a day, I was inspired by the Tour to create my own jersey for this week’s journal quilt.  If I was a professional cyclist (ha!), I’d be on Team Bernina Harney & Sons:

Journal Quilt Week 8 - Team Bernina Harney & Sons

Journal Quilt Week 8 – Team Bernina Harney & Sons