#TBT – Journal Quilt Week 32

Week 32 of my journal quilting project fell over New Year’s 2012. We had a typical New Year’s celebration of dinner, a movie, and a Harney & Sons visit with our dear friends. But, it was also the Iowa caucus and my DH suggested that I use that and the nickname for the leading Republican […]

#TBT – Journal Quilt Week 31

We had a scare just before Christmas in 2011.  I was pregnant with our daughter and we went in for the second ultrasound a few days before Christmas.  The doctor reading the ultrasound couldn’t get a good view of her heart and he asked us to come back the next day for a second ultrasound […]

Looking Like Christmas – Advent Calendar

I might have mentioned before that I was working on an advent calendar for my daughter.  I saw this calendar in the Pottery Barn catalog and decided to make my own. I am extremely happy to report that I finished mine by December 1st and my daughter has been enjoying opening a present every day. […]

#TBT – Journal Quilt Week 30

This week in 2011 during my journal quilt project, Christmas prep was in full swing and my kitchen had become a rum cake factory.  I have probably made hundreds of this cake over the years.  I first made it in 1988 (probably), when a teacher of mine pulled me aside at Christmastime and asked for […]

#TBT – Journal Quilt Week 29

I admit it. I’m a little Scroogey when it comes to Christmas, especially when I am working full-time. It doubles an already too-long to do list and amps up my stress level to the point where the machinery starts shaking and smokes start pouring out. This year, I am not working full-time on anything other […]

Looking Like Christmas – Tablecloth Hack

It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas in the Neu house (and way more than it was last year since we moved on December 16th).  I pulled out a very Christmas-y dark green tablecloth, only to realize that it wasn’t nearly long enough for our table. A yard and a half of holly fabric (that […]