Photo Friday – Rainbow Cake

This is a strange picture for Photo Friday, I realize, but this week’s Ricky Tims’ Photo Challenge photo was of my daughter and I have a “no kid pics on the Internet” rule. Instead, I am sharing a picture of her birthday cake.  She asked for a “rainbow cake with cloud frosting,” which she had […]

#TBT – Launching My New Life

A year ago today I posted here about “Launching My New Life” and finally pursuing quilting as a profession.  I thought I would use this Throwback Thursday post to give an update on that.  I am happy to report that I am still on this path.  I didn’t quit yet to get a “real job,” […]

Photo Friday – Stuck in Place

This week’s assignment: stand in one spot for an hour taking pictures.  You can see my spot in the photo in the top left of this montage – the edge of my deck.  The best of the photos I took are the remaining ones. Nothing worth framing, but not a terrible way to spend an […]

#TBT – Colnago, 2008

In honor of Father’s Day this week, I’m sharing a small art quilt I made for my husband in 2008, as a “Creative Play” project. It sat finished in my “UFO” drawer for years, but I am happy to say that it’s been hanging in his bike room now for a few years. I took […]

Photo Friday – Panning

I was not expecting to like my submission to this week’s photo challenge.  The assignment was to either get a panning shot of something moving against a blurred background (I was tempted to try and capture my daughter whizzing by on her pink scooter.) or to move the camera to pan a stationary item. Creating […]

2016 Projects – #APQResolution – May

I finished another UFO for the American Patchwork and Quilting 2016 UFO Challenge.  It really surprises me what projects I have in my drawer.  Most of them are not quilts to finish. Those I seem to get done. This month’s project was to dye a white tee shirt that had gotten stained. (I think from […]

Photo Friday – Roads

Okay, I phoned this one in too (no pun intended).  This week’s photo challenge was to take a photo in which a road was the primary or secondary subject. I was busy working and enjoying the holiday weekend so I didn’t give this challenge the time it deserved, which is too bad because roads have […]