Design Wall – No More Names Quilt – Aurora

One of the interesting things to me as I took on this project was to realize that only one state has had more than one mass shooting (with more than 10 victims) during the last 20 years. Colorado saw the first mass shooting of the recent string in Littleton and was then again visited by […]

Photo Friday – Found Alphabet

This photo challenge was a fun one. The assignment was to shoot a “found alphabet,” to find our initials in things that weren’t actually letters. So, I took my phone out with me on a walk to specifically look for letters and found some that would work. Then the next day, I was sitting on […]

Design Wall – No More Names Quilt – New York blocks

I have finished another group of blocks for my “No More Names” mass shooting quilt. These are the victims of a shooting in 2009, in Binghamton, New York.  Working on these blocks saddened me because I realized that I had forgotten completely about this shooting, which is exactly the point of the quilt.  Horrible events […]

#TBT – Fosterfields Log Cabin

I just posted a thumbnail version of this quilt on my new Lectures page to illustrate my “Quilts in U.S. History” lecture. It was based on on a quilt made in New Jersey in 1920, and I machine pieced and hand quilted it for Fosterfields Living Historical Farm in Morristown, NJ. (The photo was shot […]

Creative Play Newsletter Issue 2 – Learning to Play

Last month, I ended my newsletter article by saying, “Let the creative journey begin!” But in truth, I have been on my creative journey for a very long time and I suspect that you have too. In 2007, I started a blog that I called “Creative Play.” My idea was to try something new each […]

Ravaging Rio – Now on Amazon!

I am so excited to announce that the children’s book I created with my sister, Ravaging Rio and the Ghost in the Library, is now available in paperback from Amazon.  I was really pleased with the quality of the paperback book and I hope you will be too. We’d love to hear your thoughts and […]

Photo Friday – Sant’ Antioco

I didn’t get my photo challenge homework done this week either (silhouette). So instead, I am sharing a photo of some sun from the island of Sant’ Antioco off the coast of Sardinia.  When I started planning my “Running with Scissors” quilt months ago, this image is what I had in mind when I started. […]