Design Wall Tuesday – Typography

I felt like a kid with a coloring book adding the Tsukineko inks to my illuminated letter for the BirdZeed “Typography” challenge for November. I am definitely going to have to find more ways to use the inks! The only bummer was realizing that I missed one of the flowers after I had rinsed the […]

Happy Holidays!

It’s Black Friday. I am not shopping. I don’t like shopping on a good day so Black Friday seems like Hell to me. Instead, I am spending time with family and starting to look ahead to Christmas. Each year, I think about quilting some things as decoration and last year, I actually got an advent […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

On this day of thanksgiving, in between the turkey and the really awkward conversations about politics with family, I want to take a few minutes to thank you for being here.  After some struggle, I am finally living the life of my dreams, pursuing the work that I believe to be my calling, but that […]

Now for the fun part!

I have been continuing to work on my BirdZeed project for November, for which I’m quilting an illuminated letter. I drew out my design on Golden Threads quilting paper.  This was the first time that I had used the paper and I’m sold. I used tracing paper before because I had it on hand and […]

Birdzeed Challenge Design

This month’s Birdzeed challenge word is “typography.” My first inclination was toward Arabic calligraphy, but then I thought about illuminated letters.  This is just a rough sketch, but here’s what I am planning:

Creative Play Newsletter, Vol. 1, Issue 5

Peace and Quiet Last month, I wrote about Morning Pages from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and their goal of getting the crap out of your head so that your mind is clear for creative work. One of the other goals of Morning Pages is to slow you down long enough to get you […]

Monkeys in the Mail

A cousin of mine is a new dad.  When I went into my stash looking for inspiration for the baby quilt, I found this sock monkey fabric and knew immediately that it was perfect. As a kid, my cousin had a beloved sock monkey that was never very far away.  I made one giant 32″ […]

Orlando Victims

After a little hiatus from my project, I am back to work on my Victims Quilt, making what I hope will be the last blocks. These blocks are the first four of the 49 I will make for the victims of the shooting at the nightclub in Orlando just a few months ago.  

Completed Cancer Moon Shot Block

I’ve finished all of my thread painting and have my completed Cancer Moon Shot Ribbon Quilt block. It didn’t completely flatten out so there’s some batting on the back of the moon for a little trapunto. (I planned that all along, really I did. 🙂 )