Create – Stepping Off

Exercise #3 in Stage One of the Creativity Journey When I first did the exercise described in the Imagine section I was stunned by how powerful it was. My creativity coach Robyn asked me to stand and imagine myself committing fully to my art. I closed my eyes and I imagined the precipice over the […]

Explore – What’s Whispering to You?

If you’ve decided to begin this creativity journey something whispers to you just as it did to me. The sound may be coming to you faintly, coming from a place deep in your soul, but the whispers are likely there. Can you hear them? If the whispers are faint, try a writing exercise. Contemplate a […]

cedar adirondack chair on screen porch

Imagine – Walk Through

This is the first exercise in Stage One of the Creativity Journey. Find a comfortable chair and start your journey. One of the things that I love about traveling is the excitement that builds before the journey begins. Before my bags are packed I imagine what I will do on my trip and how it […]

Feeling the Pull Toward Your Creativity

Over the years you may have felt the pull of your own creativity. Perhaps you were an armchair traveler, daydreaming of a creative adventure.  On occasion you may have indulged in a creative project and felt the stirrings in your soul. But now that tug on your heart has gotten stronger, hasn’t it? You have […]

Creative Play Newsletter – Make a New Plan

This month in the Facebook group I have started talking about what happens when life interrupts your plans. I was delayed in posting as I regularly do because COVID finally hit our house in late April. Thankfully, it was uneventful for us, but the things on the To Do list did not get done and […]

#StoryBehindtheArt – “New”

I created this piece as part of a challenge back in 2017. The challenge word was “new” and I did not sit down with a blank sheet of paper and brainstorm what the word means to me as I sometimes do to get started. Instead, I was talking with a friend about taking a step […]


Creative Play Newsletter – Light it Up

I missed my newsletter deadline because something’s been percolating in my brain and I wanted to let it finish brewing. I wrote last month about how creating helps fill the holes in our souls, but it goes deeper than that. This post is about to veer into woo-woo or feminist screed territory so if that […]

bleeding hearts plant thread painting

#StoryBehindtheArt – “Hearts”

I’ve gotten a lot of use out of this photo I took of a bleeding heart plant while on my one visit to the Hamptons in 2005(?). It was the photo I turned to when I decided to try thread painting for the first time (in 2008?) so it really is the piece that started […]

cyanotype of two maple leaves

#StoryBehindtheArt – Cyanotypes on Paper

Though I am primarily a fiber artist, I experimented with cyanotypes on paper at the Wet Cyanotypes workshop I took with Lesley Riley over the summer at the Hudson River Valley Fiber Arts Workshops. As you can see, I am a huge fan of ferns because I am a child of the woods. There are […]