Welcome Mat art quilt with Arabic words Ahlan wa Sahlan

Create – Art from the Muse

Exercise #3 in Stage Six of the Creativity Journey – Rest and Listen There’s been a lot of quiet and stillness during this stage. It’s a stage of rejuvenation to restore your soul in order to prepare for the creative flood that is about to take place. During this calm, have you heard the voice […]

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Explore – Do Nothing

Exercise #2 of Stage 6 in the Creativity Journey – Rest and Listen In the previous exercise, you got a taste of stillness, of being quiet and opening your mind to hear the voice of the Muse. Now it’s time to do it in earnest, but you can do this exercise on a different day […]

woman closing her eyes against sun light standing near purple petaled flower plant

Imagine – The Voice of the Muse

Exercise #1 of Stage Six of the Creativity Journey – Rest and Listen The best description of what it’s like to be inspired by the Muse was in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic. She relays the story of a poet who described receiving inspiration as if on a wind and of having to race back […]

Arlington Open Studios Next Saturday!

You’ll find me next Saturday, November 12th upstairs in the Arlington Town Hall for Arlington Open Studios. I’ll be sharing my cyanotypes series for the first time so I hope you’ll stop by to check it out. For more information about the event, see: https://www.acarts.org/arlington-open-studios

Pausing to Rest and Listen for Your Creativity

Introducing Stage Six in the Creativity Journey – Rest and Listen Perhaps you’re in need of rest too. This creativity journey and life in general can be exhausting. We live in a culture of busyness. It’s a badge of honor to always be busy, to be too busy to enjoy long conversations with friends, nights […]

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Act – Leave Something Behind

Exercise #4 in Stage Five of the Creativity Journey – Walk Forward As you begin to walk the individual path of your unique purpose, the traveling may become more difficult. It’s hard to say what is in store for you. Your path may start off smooth, flat, and easy and then you may turn a […]

Create – Draw a Map

Exercise #3, Stage Five of the Creativity Journey – Walk Forward Your creativity journey is most likely becoming more difficult, but you also now have the benefit of hindsight. You are on higher ground now and can look behind you to the path that you have already traveled and see it more clearly. Perhaps you […]

backpack and contents

Explore – What are you carrying?

Exercise #2, Stage Five of the Creativity Journey – Walk Forward Take the list of what’s in your pack that you created during the previous exercise and look back over it. Is there an item or are there several items that pull at you in a particular way? Perhaps there are some beloved items in […]

man wearing black hoodie carries black and gray backpacker near trees during foggy weather

Imagine – Open Your Pack

Exercise #1 in Stage Five of the Creativity Journey – Walk Forward We all have emotional baggage slowing us down. Whether we intend to or not, we can accumulate quite a weight of hurts and pain that can shackle us and prevent us from pursuing the life we want. It’s time to take a look […]

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Stage 5 – Walking Toward Your Creativity

In the previous stage of your creativity journey you may have found yourself considering several indistinguishable paths. You experimented with each one, going down a path until it no longer served you and then retracing your steps in order to try another route. As you explored each one you became more aware of who you […]