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Act – Take the First Steps

Exercise #4 of Stage Four of the Creativity Journey – Forge Your Path Are you starting to have an idea of which direction your unique creativity journey is going to take? Do you have one or several different media that you would like to explore?  Go back to your list if you need to, but […]

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Create – Draw a Dragon

Exercise #3 in Stage 4 of the Creativity Journey – Forge Your Path Think about the fear that is plaguing you at this stage in your journey. Now draw that fear as a dragon. Does this dragon have fangs? Does it breathe fire? Is it green, or black, or pure white? How long is its […]

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Explore – What Do You Fear?

Exercise #2 of Stage 4 of the Creativity Journey – Forge Your Path As you explore your authentic self further and begin to create art from your soul, your fears are going to rear their ugly heads. The more personal the work that you do, the louder those fears are going to start screaming. But […]

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Imagine Your Authentic Self

Exercise #1 of Stage 4 of the Creativity Journey – Forge Your Path Over the previous stages of your creativity quest, you may have caught glimpses of your authentic self and begun to hear the whispers from her. Take time now to look a little deeper and listen a little harder.  Sit comfortably somewhere and […]

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Stage 4 – Forging Your Creativity Path

You will focus more on your own path during this stage. The play that you rediscovered in Stage 3 will continue to be important for feeding your creativity throughout the entirety of your journey. As part of a regular practice, play can help keep your creative juices flowing and when you’re feeling stuck, play can […]

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Act – Relive a Memory

Exercise #4 in Stage Three – Play What was something you remembered doing as a kid? Try it again. If you have kids, raid the toy box for toys you loved playing with when you were young. Fashion Plates™ still exist. (I know because I just ordered some, ostensibly for my daughter.) Spirograph® is still […]

Create – Make Dots

Exercise #3 in Stage Three – Play You may have no memory of the joy of finger painting, of what it felt like as a kid to plunge your fingers into paint and to experiment with mixing colors, with moving paint around on a page, but your body remembers. Locked deep within you is that […]

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Explore – What Do You Love?

Exercise #2 in Stage Three – Play For this exercise, start a list of the media that may interest you on your creativity journey.  First, go back to the notes you took on your childhood creativity in the last exercise. What media did you love most as a kid? Did you go through buckets of […]