Creative Play™ Workshops

Principles of Creative Play

Let’s Play! – A 1-Hour Creative Play™ Group Workshop (In-Person or Zoom)

This program is part lecture, part workshop. I discuss my own creativity journey and what I learned about creativity and about myself in the process. I introduce Creative Play™ and guide the audience through a play exercise. We then work through a design process together to give participants a tool they can use to design their own quilts. I wrap-up by offering strategies for beginning a creative play practice at home.

Full or Half-Day Creative Play™ Group Workshop (In-Person or Zoom)

Spend a day in play to rediscover your creative fire! Every person is born creative, but we forget that as we become adults. This workshop is designed to get one’s creativity flowing again through art play exercises in a variety of mediums. Students will also learn a design process they can use to make unique quilts and will explore the four components that make up one’s artistic voice so that they can home in on theirs. There’s no prep work required and nothing to bring to the workshop. Supply fee $5.

30 Days of Creative Play™ Individual Online Class

30 Days of Creative Play™is a self-directed course to kick start your creativity through daily 15-minute creative exploration exercises. Includes:

  • Introduction to Creative Play™ and its benefits
  • 30 daily lessons with 15-minute exercises
  • Recommended next steps for maintaining momentum
  • No prep or supplies needed to start