Mini Workshops

A cross between a lecture and a workshop, mini workshops are 1 hour in length with active audience participation.

For more information about any of my lectures / mini workshops or to schedule me to speak, please email me: Lectures can be customized as needed.

Lecture Fee: $350 for 1 hour in-person or Zoom lecture

Principles of Creative Play

Let’s Play! – A 1-Hour Creative Play™ Workshop
In this mini workshop, I discuss my own creativity journey and what I learned about creativity and about myself in the process. I introduce Creative Play™ and guide the audience through a play exercise. We then work through a design process together to give participants a tool they can use to design their own quilts. I wrap-up by offering strategies for beginning a creative play practice at home.

pile of improv quilt blocks

Free Your Mind – UFO Workshop
UFOs got you stumped? In this 1-hour mini workshop, we’ll ask a series of questions to help assess, rethink, and reimagine UFOs. Participants will follow along with a worksheet to consider their UFOs in a new light. They’ll discover creative solutions to remake their UFOs and will leave the meeting with a plan to get it done. As an option, we can kick off a UFO Swap for the group.