Principles of Creative Play

Act – Define Your Principles

Exercise #4 in Stage Eight of the Creativity Journey – Feel the Light Your journey is nearing an end and in the next stage you will begin to establish your creative practice. For now however, spend some time thinking about what really matters to you about your creativity and your creative practice. What are your […]

Act – Gratitude List

Exercise #4 in Stage 7 of the Creativity Journey – Trust Your Voice After you have finished cursing your obstacles (and curse them you should!) and looking at them in a new way to discover what those darn things have been sent to teach you, shift your focus to the light. What are you grateful […]

woman walking in beach

Act – Take the First Steps

Exercise #4 of Stage Four of the Creativity Journey – Forge Your Path Are you starting to have an idea of which direction your unique creativity journey is going to take? Do you have one or several different media that you would like to explore?  Go back to your list if you need to, but […]

Julie Neu, art closet, purple wall

Act – Get Ready

Exercise #4 in Stage Two – Starting Out The action that you took in the last chapter was to create your To Do list of prep items. As if you were preparing for a journey, you created a list of the things that you would need to do to get ready. Well, the time has […]

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Act – Make Your Lists

Exercise #4 in Stage One – Feel the Pull It is now time to prepare for your journey. Just as you would before leaving on a trip, make a list of what you need to do before you leave. (If you aren’t a list-maker, but someone who packs just before the flight leaves, I admire […]