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Summer of Scraps Week 6

The photo I showed when I first started the Summer of Scraps project only represented a portion of the scraps that I have. I also have a bin full of bits and pieces of batik fabrics:So, this week’s project, which was also a UFO on my list for the American Patchwork & Quilting UFO Challenge, was to create Block 8 from the In Full Bloom quilt pattern by McKenna Ryan using my bits and pieces:

#APQ Resolution – May

Many of my UFOs for the American Patchwork & Quilting’s 2017 UFO Challenge have been stacking up because they’re ones that require a lot of work. March’s project was to quilt an entire quilt and I’m still working on that. April’s project was the same. But May’s project was an easy one to get done in one month because I only committed to making one block from a McKenna Ryan kit. Easy peasy and done!

McKenna Ryan kit, Bridge Over Troubled Waddles block

#APQResolution Project for February

I’m happy to say that this month’s UFO for the American Patchwork & Quilting UFO Challenge has only been a UFO for a year (or maybe two?) and even better yet, it’s something that I made for myself. It’s a travel sewing kit from the tutorial on the “lots of pink here” blog.

quilted travel sewing kit in purple batik fabrics

Now that I am ready to travel, where should I go?

2016 Projects – #APQResolution – May

I finished another UFO for the American Patchwork and Quilting 2016 UFO Challenge.  It really surprises me what projects I have in my drawer.  Most of them are not quilts to finish. Those I seem to get done.

This month’s project was to dye a white tee shirt that had gotten stained. (I think from sitting in a wooden drawer too long.) While I was at it, I dyed something else that was white and also looking a little dingy.  So, I re-watched Sue Bleiweiss on The Quilt Show as she explained her dyeing process and mixed up some purple dye in zip-top bags and threw my shirt in. And then, because I had a 4 year old sitting in the other room talking to me the whole time and I forgot to put in the soda ash, I mixed up another batch of dye and did it all over again the following week so I got lots of practice.  You can still tell where the shirt was stained, but it looks a little better as light purple on dark rather than brown on white, don’t you think?  And, after, oh probably 6 years unused in the drawer, I have a new shirt to wear!

purple overdyed Life is Good shirt