Make Your Work

Exercise #3 in Stage Ten of the Creativity Journey – Keeping Your Light Alive You now know what you need to create. Even if the idea isn’t front and center, pounding on the door inside your mind to be let out, there’s something germinating in you. Be still and draw it out. Begin the first […]

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Create – Just Do Something

Exercise #3 in Stage Nine of the Creativity Journey – Feed Your Light After taking an online class together a few years ago, a small group of my fellow students and I stayed in touch via email. We shared what we were working on and our joys and frustrations with our art practices. After a […]

Create – Draw a Map

Exercise #3, Stage Five of the Creativity Journey – Walk Forward Your creativity journey is most likely becoming more difficult, but you also now have the benefit of hindsight. You are on higher ground now and can look behind you to the path that you have already traveled and see it more clearly. Perhaps you […]

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Create – Draw a Dragon

Exercise #3 in Stage 4 of the Creativity Journey – Forge Your Path Think about the fear that is plaguing you at this stage in your journey. Now draw that fear as a dragon. Does this dragon have fangs? Does it breathe fire? Is it green, or black, or pure white? How long is its […]

Create – Stepping Off

Exercise #3 in Stage One of the Creativity Journey When I first did the exercise described in the Imagine section I was stunned by how powerful it was. My creativity coach Robyn asked me to stand and imagine myself committing fully to my art. I closed my eyes and I imagined the precipice over the […]