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Explore Your Confidence

What would you do with greater confidence? Close your eyes. Imagine yourself six months in the future. You’ve explored your creativity, learned to play more, and gained confidence as a result. What will your  new confidence do for you? Do you imagine yourself pitching that innovative idea? Are you in a leadership role? Did you […]

What’s the Impact of Your Creativity?

Last week, I posted about the link between creativity and confidence and how exploring a means of self-expression can increase your comfort with expressing yourself in other ways. Is this something you have observed? What’s the impact of your creative work? Do you feel confident? Relaxed? What are the benefits you gain from creating? Take […]

Creativity Myth #1 – “I am not creative.”

Hogwash!  Pure and total hogwash! But, hogwash that I am familiar with. Had you asked me ten years ago if I was creative, I would probably have responded with a tentative “Yes?  I guess so.”  I mean, I thought I was kind of creative and I enjoyed doing creative things like scrapbooking, interior decorating, and […]