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#TBT – Journal Quilt Week 28

Journal Quilt #28 has a satin-stitched door that opens to reveal a photo of my studio.  This weekend is the Monterey Makers Studio Tour in Monterey, MA. This year’s event is being held at the library on Saturday, rather than being a studio tour. But, when I participated in 2011, my door was open to welcome visitors into my home studio.

JQ 28

My Authentic Self is Complete

Well, the quilt anyway.  I expect that my authentic self is going to be a WIP for quite a long time.  For the quilting on this quilt, I let each different fabric “speak” to me and chose a quilting design that reflected the fabric itself.  Each quilting design is different, but I was surprised by how quickly the quilting happened. Once I had a plan in place for each piece of fabric, the actual quilting of it took just a few minutes.

Authentic Self, 2015

Authentic Self, 2015

This quilt too will be in the Rising Star Quilters Guild show this weekend (Friday and Saturday) at St. Brigid’s Church in Lexington, MA.

Arabesque #2

I am putting the final touches on a few quilts this week, readying them for my guild show this weekend.  (Come see it on Friday and Saturday at St. Brigid’s Church in Lexington, MA.)  I’ll have two quilts in the show, in addition to the many samples that I pulled together for our special history exhibit.  One of those quilts is “Arabesque #2.”

Arabesque #2, 2015

Arabesque #2, 2015

“Arabesque #2” is machine pieced (painstakingly machine pieced with lots of inset seams) and machine quilted. It’s the second in my series based on geometric tile designs and was based on tile work from the Great Mosque of Cordoba, Spain, which was completed in 987 (Broug, Eric. “Islamic Geometric Patterns,” 27.)

#TBT – Journal Quilt Week 18

During the week of September 22, 2011, we celebrated my husband’s birthday with a weekend of eating.  First stop was Baba Louie’s Pizza in Pittsfield, MA.  We’re regulars at the restaurant (or rather the take-out window) in Great Barrington, but we went to Pittsfield to see “Moneyball” on opening night.  We followed that with dinner at John Andrews, our favorite restaurant in the Berkshires.  Then, we met up for lunch (he on a bike and me in the car) at another of our regular spots – Harney & Sons Tea Shop in Millerton, NY. They have the best onion soup that I have had outside of France there so it’s definitely worth the trip.  The journal quilt for the week chronicles our wanderings.

JQ 18

Throwback Thursday – Journal Quilt Week 12

Week 12 of my journal quilting project fell the week of August 11, 2011.  That weekend my DH and I attended an annual fundraising gala for the Bidwell House Museum in Monterey, MA.  The party must have had a Caribbean theme or island feel to it because my journal notes read like this:

Caribbean – maybe pieced square in Caribbean colors; blue water – turquoise, teal, sea foam; sailboats; pink flowers; white sand; palm trees

Here’s the resulting journal quilt:

Caribbean Snail's Trail

Caribbean Snail’s Trail