Creative Play Newsletter (Vol. 1, Issue 6) – Give a Gift

‘Tis the season of giving. You’re probably making your lists and checking them twice, planning gifts for your kids, your parents, your spouses and partners, friends and other loved ones. But, when was the last time you gave yourself a gift? Last month, I talked about the importance of solitude and quiet, which especially this […]

Creative Play Newsletter, Vol. 1, Issue 5

Peace and Quiet Last month, I wrote about Morning Pages from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and their goal of getting the crap out of your head so that your mind is clear for creative work. One of the other goals of Morning Pages is to slow you down long enough to get you […]

Creative Play Newsletter Issue 2 – Learning to Play

Last month, I ended my newsletter article by saying, “Let the creative journey begin!” But in truth, I have been on my creative journey for a very long time and I suspect that you have too. In 2007, I started a blog that I called “Creative Play.” My idea was to try something new each […]

Creative Play Newsletter Vol. 2 Coming Soon!

I’m drafting the second volume of my Creative Play Newsletter, which goes out to inboxes next Thursday, August 11th.  If you would like to have the newsletter sent right to you, you can sign up here.  You can also read the first newsletter if you’d like to see a sample first or see what you […]

Creative Play Newsletter – One Week from Today

I am putting the final touches on the first edition of my Creative Play newsletter, which will land in email boxes one week from today.  In this newsletter,  I will explore the topic of creativity and will be writing about where creativity comes from (spoiler alert – I think we’re all born with it), how […]