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#APQ Resolution – Rajah Quilt Revisited

This was supposed to be my finished quilt for March for the American Patchwork & Quilting 2017 UFO Challenge, but it needed to be completely quilted and bound so I’m happy to have it completed by June. This quilt was the 2016 Block of the Month from The Quilt Show, called “Rajah Quilt Revisited.”  It’s based on a quilt made on a women’s prison ship that traveled from England in 1841.

My quilt was machine appliqued, machine pieced, machine quilted and hand quilted and I am happy to say that I made it for myself so I get to keep it!

Rajah Quilt Revisited, 2017. 68″ sq.

Design Wall Tuesday – #TQSBOM2016

I had an extremely productive weekend.  I went to the Geneva Point Center on Lake Winnipesaukee  for the Rising Star Quilters annual Spring Fling and three solid days of sewing. My first project of the weekend was to get caught up with The Quilt Show’s 2016 Block of the Month, a smaller replica version of the Rajah Quilt.

I had a false start with this project because I foolishly tried needle-turn applique for the center medallion.  After tossing that one and starting again with fusible, machine-stitched applique, the project went more smoothly and by Friday night, I had January, February, and March’s blocks/ borders complete.


My other project was to churn out some Carpenter’s Square blocks to become the quilt in the master bedroom of the house we built in 2009.  It’s so nice to be finally making quilts for my own bed!

Design Wall Tuesday – 2016 TQS BOM_v2

I have a number of projects going on for 2016, one of which is the Block of the Month from The Quilt Show.   The quilt for 2016, is a smaller replica version of the Rajah Quilt, a quilt made by female convicts on the prison ship the Rajah during the voyage from England to Tasmania in 1841. That project was spearheaded by a Quaker woman as part of her prison reform efforts and the quilt has always spoken to me because of my Quaker heritage.

However, my applique skills were not up to the task of Block #1.  The block includes over 100 little tiny leaves and I foolishly attempted needle-turn applique first to be a little truer to the original quilters’ work.  I sewed half of the leaves and then had a decision to make about remaining faithful to the process or creating something that I would consider showing anyone.  I couldn’t bear the idea of working on a quilt for an entire year just to shove it in the back of the closet because the construction was so bad so I threw out the hand applique and started again with the modern methods that I am a little more comfortable with – fusible applique with a machine stitch.  The results are much better.

The Quilt Show 2016 Block of the Month - January block

The Quilt Show 2016 Block of the Month – January block; Finished Size 15″ square