Live Workshops

For more information about any of my workshops or to schedule me to teach, please email me: Workshops can be customized as needed and are available for in-person or Zoom formats.

Workshop Fee:
$550 – Full Day Workshop (6 hours)
$350 – Half Day Workshop (3 hours)

Principles of Creative Play

Creative Play™
Spend a day in play to rediscover your creative fire! Every person is born creative, but we forget that as we become adults. This workshop is designed to get one’s creativity flowing again through art play exercises in a variety of mediums. Students will also learn a design process they can use to make unique quilts and will explore the four components that make up one’s artistic voice so that they can home in on theirs. There’s no prep work required and nothing to bring to the workshop. Supply fee $5 for in-person workshops only.

Arabesque #1, 2015. 24″ x 34″

Extreme Piecing
Add Extreme Piecing techniques to your quilting tool kit and there’s nothing you can’t sew! In this workshop, students learn to create precise templates from a paper pattern to sew complicated designs and the cutting and sewing tips for extreme accuracy.  Students decide how many rows they want in their table runner for the class project; no matter how many they choose, they will end the day as a Y Seam Master. 

Watch Sewing Precise Y Seams demo video

pile of improv quilt blocks

Free Your Mind: UFO Workshop
Have UFOs?  Grab one and come finish it up!  This workshop will give students the dedicated time needed to work on those UFOs and get them out of the closet. Or, students can come with an open mind and participate in a UFO swap. Together, we’ll work through a series of questions to assess, rethink, and reimagine each UFO and get started on the new plans to get them done.

17″ x 10″ – Julie finds the medal.

Fused Fabric Pictures
Turning any photo into a fabric picture is much simpler than you imagine! Students will learn the techniques used to illustrate Ravaging Rio and the Ghost in the Library and make fusible patterns from their own photographs. We discuss how to choose just the right fabric and how to use quilting and thread painting to add details and enhance the picture.